How does our mini split air conditioner works?

Our solar mini split air conditioner works under the same air conditioning or refrigeration principles with compression (insert link to explain air conditioning) where four parts are used: an evaporator, a condenser, an expansion valve and a compressor.

The difference between our model and a conventional one is that our solar mini split air conditioner uses solar energy through solar panel installation, lowering high electric costs.

Soalr mini split vs air conditioners

Our solar mini split air conditioner model offers excellent energy efficiency during those sunny and warm days, our variable velocity compressor and inverter technology lowers electric current consumption while solar panels fuels the unit, thereby lowering or eliminating tension that otherwise would be generated by a conventional electric grid.

Our solar mini split air conditioner is the result of a fourth-generation development and it’s what we’ve all been waiting for; this product is designed to save on installation costs and to acquire a quick return in investment. This solar cooling system is a unique technology in the market and it doesn't require expensive batteries, a power inverter or controller, you just connect the solar panels and you start to save up to 90% from conventional electrical use during the day.

Minisplit solar air conditioner

During the day our solar mini split air conditioner works mainly with solar energy generated by the solar panels and only uses a small amount of current from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) grid. Its hybrid operation takes away the need to install batteries and allows it to work for 24 hours a day.

To use in homes or offices, our solar mini split air conditioner is going to cool your work areas using only a few cents by making use of 90% of its energy through solar panels. Besides cooling, our solar mini split also has a heater that works with solar energy.

Your geographical location doesn't matter; our solar mini split air conditioner is designed to function in northern areas with a cold climate and also in southern areas with warm weather, it's ideal to meet your cooling needs on a small scale.

How does it work?

How does our solar minisplit work?

Our solar mini split air conditioner is installed the same way as a normal mini split air conditioner, the solar panels connect with MC4 standard connectors. You can use 1, 2, or 3 solar panels with a 900-watt limit.

The solar mini split air conditioner uses R410a, a coolant that won’t harm the ozone layer, this makes our equipment the best option in the marketplace for companies and users with responsibilities towards the environment.

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