How does our solar air cooler work?

Overview with diagrams: Portable model, fixed model, applications, technical benefits, economic benefits, another product comparative.

Solar air cooler function
  • Cool air displacement capacity: 5000 feet ³/min
  • Energy consumption: 0 W (Powered directly by solar cells)
  • Self-sufficient energy management system (: 12 continuous hours of functionality while lacking solar irradiance.

Autonomy with power management system

12 continuous hours of operation with absence of solar irradiation

Our solar air cooler lowers a room’s air temperature using water flow and solar energy. It works by the very same evaporative cooling principle where dry and warm air from outside is collected in our unit, pushing it inside with a turbine and going through a wet permeable layer. Air collected cools when meeting the permeable layer, this leads to water evaporation, which produces a drop in dry air temperature and achieves cooler air volume. Our solar air cooler doesn’t connect to conventional electricity; it works through a solar panel or module operating at low voltage and it generates the necessary energy to to make the system fully work.

Our base solar air cooler model has the option of incorporating an energy management and accumulation system. This system is fully programmable per the needs of each client and it can be used in remote areas without access to a conventional electric grid and it works without solar irradiance in its entirety.


Our solar air cooler SC24 is designed to adapt to different applications and installation methods per the needs of every client:

Portable model

Our solar air cooler is fitted with an array of photovoltaic solar modules, which can stay mounted on top of the unit making it 100% mobile or dismounted and be placed over any temporary surface while the unit keeps receiving energy generated through an extension cable made specifically for these types of applications.

Portable Solar Air Cooler

Fixed model

Our solar air cooler can be mounted within any covering without receiving direct sunlight and/or be coupled with any other type of air duct.

Fixed Solar Air Cooler

Benefits of our technology:

Greater efficiency in air displacement

Our solar air cooler has greater air displacement (5,000 feet ³/min) compared to the energy consumption of other systems, accomplishing greater area cooling in less time and effectively eliminating power consumption typical of conventional cooling systems.

Solar air conditioning savings graph
Eliminating operational costs

By using photovoltaic solar modules to generate energy, the cost of electricity is eliminated, since our solar air cooler will not be connected to a conventional electric gird, while other systems can generate high electric costs. Thus, you’ll be able to keep your warehouse or workplace cool for a longer period, without needing to worry about high electric costs.

  • Economic justification of the solar air conditioner
  • Economic evaluation of the solar air conditioner
Tax deductions

There are tax incentives in Mexico and the U.S. for any company that invests in equipment and machinery to help the environment. Thanks to these tax incentives, acquiring this type of technology is more cost-effective compared to conventional technology.


To encourage protecting the environment, taxpayers that contribute income taxes and invest in machinery and equipment to generate energy stemming from renewable sources will be able to deduct 100% of the investment in just one fiscal year, since you will be helping to lower fossil fuel use.


The Investment Tax Credit or ITC is a 30% credit eligible towards federal tax debts of any investor or consumer in residential sectors (section 25D), commercial or industrial (section 48) when acquiring or investing in products or projects that work with solar energy.

Section 25D allows a residential user to use this federal credit in their personal income tax. This credit is used when a user acquires a solar system and is installed in their residency. According section 48, a business or company that installs, develops and/or finances these types of projects will be benefited with this credit.

Return on investment

Using our technology, you could save a lot of money. On this next graph, we show you different scenarios you may come across and economical and energy savings that you may achieve.

Investment return analysis  on a solar cooler

The graph shows that photovoltaic systems pay for themselves long before their guaranteed lifespan of 25 years.

Scenario 1

Electric costs will continue to rise with a normal trend of 11% annually, such as the last ten years. This situation may arise if we suddenly find a great amount of oil and gas to satisfy growing demand and compensate lower gas / oil production in existing wells, or when we are capable, in the short term, to be completely independent from fossil fuels for our electric production.

Scenario 1 Net Savings after 25 years: $17,918.04 USD

Scenario 2

The price of electricity is growing rapidly because of the increase in oil prices, as well as gas and coal, which are also linked. This increase is mostly caused by the problem of peak oil and will have more persistent effects. Scenario 2 was calculated by using annual average increases of 14% of electric prices.

Scenario 2 Net Savings after 25 years: $25,972.47 USD

Environmental responsibility

Our solar air cooler model uses no CFC gas coolants, which contribute to the deterioration of the ozone layer. On the contrary, it works with water and solar energy, which doesn't contribute to environmental contamination.

Eligible for federal support or financing programs

By using technology that functions with renewable energy, our products are candidates for governmental economic grants and subsidies.

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Operational in areas with no access to electricity

Since it’s not necessary to connect our products to any electric current, these can be cost-effective and function in rural areas 100% where this type of access is not possible, such as agricultural fields, beaches, special events, mines or an industrial complex with no access to a grid.

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